Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Pioche is a small town in eastern Nevada. I like to call it a living ghost town. So as not to offend anyone from that community I'll explain what I mean. Several hundred people call Pioche home, (the Lincoln County courthouse and telephone company are both located there.) What makes Pioche interesting is that many of its original 19th century buildings still exist, and some are even being used. Thus Pioche retains an atmosphere of the real Old West. On its main street you can find a museum, a former opera house, several vintage stores, a couple of saloons, and a small art gallery (that may or may not be open.) An Old West cemetery still exists with original inscriptions and humorous epitaphs. In the mountains surrounding Pioche one can find many old mines and mine shafts. Caution must be used when exploring these areas. Pioche is an interesting place to visit. Most services are available there, or they can be found in nearby towns. This painting is no longer in my collection. (15" x 11")

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